Jeffrey NemecekWhen looking for funding for a project, it important to know all the details. God forbid you get the funding you requested only to find that you forgot to factor something into the budget and are now stuck trying to figure out how to complete the project. Project financing requires such specific skills and is such a specific task. With the many legal attributes to the process, it can be overwhelming to do without an attorney to help guide you and advise you.

Attorney Jeffrey Nemecek has extensive experience in financing projects and with a solid track record of success, he is a great choice. He knows how to assess the details and therefore help prevent anything from slipping through the cracks. He has worked on a wide range of projects such as projects in the medical field like hospitals and nursing homes. With these types of loans, he was able to factor in the inclusion of hospital equipment loan programs in addition to the project loans.

Medical facilities have many legal and governmental boundaries and obstacles and Jeffrey Nemecek was able to navigate them all. He also has experience in technological facilities such as pollution control facilities as well as industrial development projects. No matter the complexity, Jeffrey Nemecek prides himself on approaching challenges with creative solutions and remaining calm for his clients in order to help them through the process of project financing.