Jeffrey Nemecek

Besides forming and running his own firm in 1992, the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Nemecek, and ran for about five years, Jeffrey Nemecek has also worked with many other prominent firms in the public financing practice. Currently, Jeffrey Nemecek is a counsel at Denton’s in New York City, where he primarily addressing the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis and debt restructuring. By now, Jeffrey Nemecek has accumulated experience in the practice of law for there better part of a half-century. While Jeffrey Nemecek has done a bit of everything as an attorney, his specialty is in public and project financing.

Overt the course of his career, Jeffrey Nemecek has served as Of Counsel and as a Partner at Axiom Legal, from 2011-2016, Tillinghast Lichtenstein LLP, from 2006-2008, and about a half dozen other prominent firms he’s worked with since 1976. Due to his combined experience and his education, Jeffrey Nemecek has been more than an attorney; he is also a prolific researcher and writer on issues related to public financing, especially municipal bonds, tax issues and many others.